Devil May Cry 3 graphics issue
I'm trying to get Devil May Cry 3 (NON-special edition) to emulate properly without the graphics issues that I've noticed other people have had.

I have tried using the settings listed in the description of this video:

I first tried those settings with the latest SVN, then the 9.8 official release. Neither of them fixed the problems I have.

The problems I have are kinda hard to explain. I'll try to post a picture later (I'm on a different computer atm). But things are a bit brighter, there's a shadow/ghost double inside and slightly adjacent of Dante. The problem is night and day when I pause the game.

I know I turned on all the right settings, including the Alpha Hack (AllowHacks=1 and checked in the GUI).

PC specs:
i5 2500k
Sapphire 2GB HD6950

I'd be surprised if it turned out my computer specs were the problem.

The elf and crc: ELF (cdrom0:\SLUS_209.64;1) Game CRC = 0x0BED0AF9

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Your CRC is not included in the current GSdx hackfix but should be added soonish, anyway try this one for now:
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