Devil May Cry 3 window has a yellowish tint
How do I fix this? Whenever I play DMC3 on here it makes some of the areas yellowish (like in the picture) But other than that it plays at a constant 60 fps Smile. I have a 5770 if that would help at all...

inb4 "just play the pc version" i did and it runs worse than it does on a ps2 emulator.

[Image: picture001b.png]

Thx Smile

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The screenshot looks kinda OK. So.. I don't really know what's your problem?!

Maybe it's just another "bug". Cause if I remember correctly 0x3F800000 is the hex color for a kinda "greenish".. maybe even more "yellowish" in case of the "cold" color palette in DMC3 in some of the areas.
Just play the PC version Tongue

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