Devil May Cry Running At Max Speed :D And One Quick Question
Woo lol its running at max speed Smile
Video's if you wanna see Tongue2 plan on doing all missions.

When i raise the res up, the upper part (where dt trigger and health is) 'Shrinks' into the top left hand corner. No speed hacks are enabled and i'm totally clueless as i've tried what appears to be everything.Any ideas? If theres no fix i shall report this Cool.


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Perhaps just another little side effect from up-scaling (it does happen).

Have you tried different methods of up-scaling?
Try using scaling (2x, 3x, etc...) or try entering a custom resolution of 1024x1024.
sorry should of mentioned that. Tried 1920x1080,1366x768,x6 and x5. I shall try the others then. Out of interest is this side effect common?
I'm not directly familiar with this one, but yes, it is fairly common to get little side effects from up-scaling. It's unnatural for PS2 games to be up-scaled in such a way, so some games may have particular quirks.

EDIT: Ok, I took a look at it. It definitely seems an up-scaling side effect.

It would seem that the top part of the screen is sort of it's own field, and it shrinks as you up-scale. Think of it like this: That field across the top of the screen was not made to be "docked" to the top of the screen, it just fits at it's natural state (resolution).
No success :/. Thank you so much for your help anyways mate Smile.

Right. That would make sense as i noticed an increase of size from 1920x1080 to 1366x768.
Really helpful, how do i increase your rep? Tongue2

Never mind i figured it out Smile
use gsdx 0.1.14. the window escape and resume behaviour is buggy but fixes the hud.
Nice. That does fix the hud. Smile
Cheers guys. Works perfectly now.
it's not perfect. as the hud is rendered against a resolved frame buffer fragment and that way looks blurry and eats a lil performance. but it fixes the scale. so... yeah. we all happy. Biggrin

cheers... not the weekend tho. lol

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