Devil May Cry game stop
Okay so I have tried everything I can think of to fix this but to no avail so I resort to asking for help ~sigh~ I recently hunted down a Devil May Cry CD and had it cleaned and repaired and all that good stuff. So I then took my sweet time finding the top three ISO rendering software that EVERYONE recommended and made three ISO copies of the game, in separate folders of course. So first time through I try running the disk on the EMU starts up runs through the BIOS successfully the PS2 logo pops up then the screne goes jet black and the FPS go wildly fast and then nothing...thats how it stays I even left the screne running for the whole 8 hours I was gone and came back just how I left it. I then borrow my friends copy of DMC2 and aside from the slow FPS the game ran fine. So I then used the ISOs and no avail same thing BIOS then black screne. After that I pulled the illegal stunt of downloading an ISO of the DMCjust to see if it was my disk...and of course it didn't work. Help Me PLEASE!!!!!

Thank You

Edit: I forgot to mention it says "GIFTAG warning, size exceeded VU memory size 400
GIFTAG warning, size exceeded VU memory size 400"

How do I fix this???

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You shouldn't download a game, even if you own another copy of it. It's still illegal...

BTW - What other than Imgburn is recommended 'round these parts?

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