Devil May Cry graphical issue.
The latest updates to the wiki for it seem to be some time ago.

Graphic Glitches
  • Status: Active
  • Type: Serious
  • Description: Some boxes appear at the top of the screen making progress difficult.
  • Workaround: Either use the Native option in GSdx r4600 or use an old version of GSdx like 0.1.14 or r890
The latest builds on the page all show 2010-2011 since the latest updates to the page. Has anyone found a way around this now?   It happens in the opening cutscene, and I imagine elsewhere

Anyone have any ideas?
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A bigger problem is some text doesn't show. You can use software mode.
This bug only happens when using non-native internal resolutions with the hardware renderers. The "workaround", if you want to call it that, still is to either set the internal resolution to native or use the software renderer.

Perhaps it is useful to describe this bug further: when in-game and using upscaled graphics, there's a smaller rectangle that occupies the top left corner. The rectangle contains part of the scene and the HUD elements are only drawn there.

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