Devil Summoner 2
Anyone know proper settings for this to work? It keeps freezing or something happens. WIth both graphical plugins.

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Devil summoner 2 (NTSC) American Version

OS: win7 32 bit
Processor: [email protected]
GFX: ati 4850

pcsx2 beta 1329
all options default.

gsdx r1412
texture filtering on, all other options default dx10 mode.

works perfectly for me apart from the fmv which lags slightly (ref to the point where it says press start). Got bored at the end of chapter 5 so cannot say if you can complete it on pcsx2 but i assume you can.
Thanks I'll try those out.
It freezes still I dont know why....I have your same settings

EDIT: Something happened the sound ***** up then I lost control of everything. The actions and movement are working but it seems I cannot control anything and I get a buzzing sound. Other than losing control and the buzzing everything moves like the game is functioning like normal.

EDIT: I think I fixed the sound issue it doesnt lag with more than 1 enemy anymore but now my char randomly stars running into a wall and I lose control.
Eric use SPU2-X-r1415 or any spu2-x-revision and set sound to directsound(nice) in output settings. also use lilypad.
you can also try to delete all ini`s and see if that makes a difference. What control pad are you using? set your buttons for keyboard and see if the same problem persists (thats assuming your using a ps2 pad or something).

EDIT your cpu/gpu spec
I got everything working properly except it gets to like 40-50 FPS during walking around on the streets. Other than that its pretty good.

E6300 @ 2500MHz
4870 1GB

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