Devil Summoner 2: GPU problem, CPU bottleneck, or emulation issue?
Basically, on 0.9.6 (the only version I've tried) Devil Summoner 2 gets significant slowdown in many capital city areas. I just want to know if its,

because of my 2.7 ghz (dual core) cpu (dual threading mode in pcsx2)

because of my 8800 GT video card (with latest GSDX plugin DX 10)

or just the emulation not being up to snuff (is there any advanced configuration changes worth trying with Devil Summoner 2?, or perhaps a version of pcsx2 that's known to run this game better?)

Also, what are some good frame skip settings I can use so that I don't get the constant flickering effect?

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Best frameskip setting to use, is to not use it at all. It causes all sorts of bugs and there isn't a whole lot you can do about it.

That said, if you notice a speed up when using frameskip, that means your video card is one of the primary reasons for the slowdown.

Easiest way to tell whether your CPU or GPU is your main problem is to look at the pcsx2 window when running a game. It will say a CPU usage on it, if that number is 90% or higher, it's your graphics card causing the slowdowns. If it's 80% or lower, your CPU is the reason it's slow. That said, both of those components are kind of on the edge of being just good enough but more on the side of slightly slow. If I had to guess without seeing any benchmarks on your PC, I'd say it's likely your CPU is probably the culprit. If possible, you should try seeing if you can overclock your processor to the 3ghz+ range.
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SMTLaughS1 and DS2 are highly CPU dependant. When lot of NPC's are on screen it required nearly 4GHz proc.

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