Devil may cry 3 special edition visual oddity
Hey everyone, i don't know if this should be in another forum but when playing Devil may cry 3 special edition (NTSC USA) I'm getting some crazy visual oddities that are pretty distracting from the game. Here's a screen shot I took. It's a little hard to see but basicly the majority of the screen is blurry and washed out (i've noticed the right side of the screen is fine though)

[Image: gsdx20100324162806.png]

Does anyone know how to fix this?

Is there a patch for this?

I have a i5 2.66 ghz prossesor
4 gigs of ram
Nvidia GTX 275 graphics card

I'm using PCSX2 rl1888

Other games run with amazing quality on my computer and idk why Devil may cry 3 looks so odd.....

If anyone could help me that would be great

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The game has various bugs with GSdx which cannot be resolved unfortunately. It looks perfect in software mode but is also extremely slow
Edit: Actually since you have an i5 you could try setting 3 threads to the software renderer, maybe you'll get acceptable FPS
[Image: newsig.jpg]
I tried running in software mode and it ran at 30 fps and everything was really pixleated. I guess i'll have to wait for a fix or something I guess =/

Does the original Devil May Cry 3 game work with the emulator?
Nope, has the exact same bugs since it's the exact same engine obviously Tongue Did you set software render threads to 3 as I told you?
And yes it looks like that because it is at the same resolution the PS2 would play it, so it looks crap on your PC Tongue
[Image: newsig.jpg]
oooooh I got it that makes sense. Yeah I set the render threads to 3, when inside the framerate was good but when I was outside it wasn't so good.

Hm.. thats a shame that there are so many bugs with Devil May Cry 3 Sad

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