Devil summoner 2 pnach trouble
Okay i'm using pcsx2 version 1.5.0-dev-134-g09817ba.  I got the pnach file from here

I edited the file and deleted the cheats i didn't want to use(namely i left in infinite items).  I made sure enable cheats is checked in the menu.  The emulator does say the cheats are loaded upon booting up, but items do not wind up being infinite you still run out like normal.

I would provide the log file and ediited pnach file, but when i click on browse to try to add files nothing happens.

The content of the edited pnach file looks like what is seen below. I have skimmed over the guide for pnach files on the forum but really am not sure what i'm doing wrong, any help would be appreciated.
gametitle=SMT Devil Summoner 2 Vs King Abbadon
comment=Made by Drinkie
//Inf Items

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//Infinite Items
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Err i tried copying and pasting what you provided into the pnach still doesn't seem to want to work. I did find some codebreaker codes from which seem to work just fine however. So that at least lets me work around the problem, but i'd still like to try to get the pnach working correctly.

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