DevilMayCry 1 !!!
devilmaycry is a very good game adventure & action and it work perfect on pcsx2 i get about 45-55fps all the time !!!! and i think its slow coz of my video card i got here my specs :

AMD Phenom II 3.6Ghz O.C
Video Card : 4200 HD its on board card
ram is 4gb 800

ill get my radeon 5770 soon so i think it'll works perfectly besides let me say something pcsx2 with the speed hacks ppl u shouldn't use all the speed hacks coz it wont work and make some glitchs just use the minimum not use all and in the cpu use limit and make the fps 60 and it should works perfectly with all the games Laugh

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OK. And why did you make this thread again? If you want to post your results, to so in the dedicated thread:
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