Difference between blend bff? and tff?
I was just curious what's the difference between blend bff? and blend tff? for interlacing in GSdx's video plugin. I can't see any notable differences.

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I believe they represent Bottom/Top Field First.

Quote from someone elses thread just for information purposes.
Quote:* Weave: Does not really deinterlace at all; takes pairs of fields and puts them together (every other line) to one frame. Guaranteed to have artifacts unless the clip is completely static.
* Field blending: Takes consecutive pairs of fields and blends them together into one frame by averaging pixel values. Usually causes funky ghosting artifacts (since in an interlaced clip, each field is at a temporally separate point). Obviously very blurry since you effectively lose half the spatial resolution as well as half the temporal resolution (blending halves the frame- or fieldrate since every two fields are combined to one frame, so instead of 60 fields/s you get 30 frames/s).
* Bobbing/line doubling: Doubles the height of each field, effectively making each field its own frame. Also shifts the field slightly up or down so the picture won’t appear to jump up and down slightly. Quality depends on the quality of the resizing filter, but like blending it’s blurry since half the vertical resolution is lost in the upscale.
* Motion compensation: Uses, well, motion compensation (like in MPEG video compression) in an attempt to take information from neighboring fields to turn pairs of fields into a frame
yeah thats what i have heard as well. They are pretty good at stopping the screen from shaking.

(nice find trigun)
Star ocean 3 requires a filter to stop the screen shaking.

Form my experience both weave type interlacing has after blurring when characters move and visible grain lines.
Bob filters howerer look much more like the original images should and has no blurring with movement in the games I play.

Bob does seem to have slightly lower performance though.
I get it now. Thanks for the replies.

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