Difference between install locations?
I allowed the installer to default to CTonguerogram Files etc. instead of re-directing it to just C:.

I read that you should install it to C: - is it worth reinstalling? Will I see a perf or stability difference?


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C:\Program Files, like some other folders are "protected" by Windows and then cause all kind of access rights issues. This is specially true to applications and games which rely on plugins and mods.

So, not only for PCSX2 but to all and every game you should avoid those folders what includes the Documents folder. Notice there is no problem having save games and configuration files in there, just don't try running executable from inside.

Edit: Sadly you gain no performance and no more stability by avoiding the protected folders, just don't gain the associated issues and headaches.
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I have no problem installing game on Program Files folder. Long ago, when I ran a patch for a game, I received an error, which said the patch was failed. I knew what was happening, and ran it again as admin. Problem solved.

The Program Files folder is for installed program - that's the purpose of it. At least I can avoid making my drive a mess by installing all my programs at one place.
Well for me I always install my games or emulators on my 2nd harddrive, so my C drive stays clean or not that cluttered (Not that I have to worry about that anymore thanks to my SSD).
I've not had any problems yet, but am about to upgrade my PC and wondered if I should install to C: next time.

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