Diffrent game versions gives better/worse results?
hi, i just borrow dbz bt 3 from friend and comparing it to my version of the game theres no dark/flashing screen and game is running much faster. the difference betwen games is only in audio (friends version got jappanse music) but works much better in emu.
so i have an idea to make a list which game version is best to use in pcsx2 to get best results if such a list dont exist yet.
how about that?

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thats why we have a compatability list listing over 2000 games...
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ok, but in compatability list you dont have info which version has dark screen bug like in dbz bt 3 or which one runs faster
true, but if the graphics issue is that severe, it will be down as ingame status, while the alternative version will be down as playable. The speed also will have a reflection on this if the slowdown is that extreme.
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if you say so, but imo compatability list inst so detailed and knowing which game version is best for emu would be helpful.
Truth is that list of "which version works better" would be reduced to just very few games and most probably you can find info on them in the screenshots/videos thread because most of the time they run the same. If you found a version that works better than the other post video/screenshots examples of them in that thread then people will be able to find that info later Tongue
and the neccessary testing and verification would be an awful lot of work to do. and it could differ for certain hardware setups. and every new feature of pscx2 could make it obsolete. and...
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Do you people have an idea of how much time it would take to make such a list?

I think... not. And no, not going to happen

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