Digimon World 4,FPS issue, question about my pc
I am having problems with DigimonWorld 4, i have been trying with different versions.
beta 1474.
The FPS goes under 35!!!.

My PC:
1 gb ram transcend 800mhz
video card geforce 8500 gt
hdd 160 sata2 wd
screen viewsonic 17" va1716w
joystick ps2 like Extreme.
a kolke mouse
a genious slimkeyboard. (worthless information).

Note 1:If you say my pc sucks you probably will end up floating in the river next morning(be careful!) (thats a joke).
Note 2: I am desperate!
Note 3: Im useing also the GameCube emulator dolphin (only way to play rumble arena 2 Tongue)
Note 4Laughrivers nvidia : 1.90(i think its more for 9xxx/gtx serie than 8 series).

Bye Bye from Uruguay!!! if you help me the entire latinamerica will be happy Laugh ill post the solution in every forum!!.

America need you!!.

Thanks and sorry for my english (if i have grammatical errors please notify me i am studying english!!)

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hehe,welcome to the forums my friend(im also from uruguay).Now getting back on topic,your cpu is terribly weak for pcsx2 man,your graphics card is not so bad,but your cpu is killing your fps all the way down.It seems that your only solution is to uprgade your cpu at the moment.

Offtopic:Hey im studying english too,but im studying to be a professor some day,im at 2nd grade of my studies,there is a 4 year career.
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[Image: 17715.png]
Kind of a little low on ram, but that shouldn't effect PCSX2 too negatively. The CPU is a little weak, but may be able to be overclocked to be fast enough and the most you'd have to invest in is an aftermarket cooling solution. Still, your best bet at this point would be to see if you could get your CPU at or above 3ghz as that alone will give you a very nice (albeit moderate) speed up. The only other thing I can tell you is to mess around with various speed hacks and see if any of them give you anything meaningful.
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AMD processors are not very good for PCSX2. I know many people that was able to run PCSX2 better on slower intel processors

You may want to wait for Core i3 and i5 6xx series which will come out on early January. They are dual cores with high stock clock speed and has much better performance per clock than your AMD processor
If you are say that amd 7750 is a bad cpu i can overclock to 3.0 or 3.2 with asrock ac tunner
(diegochiha im studying first certificate, and after , KAE , after CPI Laugh)

Im low on money quite poor right now, but if i pass the english exam with a good qualification im gonna have a new gift!! so what would you choose with 100 dolars?? or maybe a lil more.
Because with 1888 i can play yugioh beginning of destiny without problems

How do you play with that pc diego?, i have a friend that has a similar rig
@ leandro322

i play using some settings,nothing uncommon tough,but note that the games i play are most 2d and some 3d that apparently doesnt need to much raw power.And about your 100 dollars,i dont think you will do much with that money,i mean here in uruguay a good gfx card costs about 200 dollars at least hehe.Mmm maybe this is a little spammy but where are you from?,i mean you are from uruguay but more precisely?.
[Image: 2ymccqu.jpg]
[Image: 17715.png]
Maldonado - San Carlos.
Sorry now im downloading Digimon World for Gamecube, dolphin emulator.
Sorry for the spam but digimon rumble arena works much better in game cube.

I think that High Level emulation is quite better, i don't know which type of emulation pcsx2 uses.
But there are serious issues, some characteristics that cant be emulated.
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