Digimon World 4 Save data.
Please help me on this case.
Well, I copied my PCSX2 data , including the memory card data, to my other friend's laptop. After setting up things there (Import of course) , when i checked the memory card, my other 4 games's save data was there, but my digimon world 4 save data wasnt there. I tried to copy and ran it on my usb, but the samething happened.


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you probably didn't import it correctly, or it never saved, either way, try re-adding it and wait a while
I know it was saved and imported correctly, i checked my PCSX2 on my computer and it still has the save data, it just wont move with the other save files.
if the file doesn't load on the memory card you fail to import it correctly
Try using mymc to export the save from your card and put it into the other card which in on the laptop.

Which pcsx2 version are you using on your pc and on the laptop
Thanks, i tried mymc, but somehow my digimon world save data isnt in the mymc interface.
Im using 0.9.7
(12-04-2010, 11:15 AM)Tatsunaga Wrote: Thanks, i tried mymc, but somehow my digimon world save data isnt in the mymc interface.
That's what I thought...are you using save states only,did you actually saved on the memory card.

Are you loading your save using save states or the memory card
(12-04-2010, 11:15 AM)Tatsunaga Wrote: Im using 0.9.7
Did you used 0.9.7 only to play that game?

Yes , that only.
No? I didnt use save state, the digimon world 4 is right on the memory card when i start "no disc"
Edit : I tried using mymc, i tried using a savefile from gamefaqs, exported it, it exists when i start "no disc" but it says "no save file" when i load the digimon world 4 iso, can this be caused because the difference between PAL and NTSC? maybe?
If the save is not in the memory card when you start pcsx2 with no disk(after importing a save from gamefaq),then either you didn't import it correctly or your card is damaged.

If the save is visible when you use no disk but not when you start the game,then most likely is not for your version of the game

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