Digimon World Data squad sudden crashes
In the beginning of the game with the first tutorial it suddenly crashed.

I use latest official pcsx2 with gdsx +zerospu2 0.44
MGTS, DC (all .EE,Vu."Recs on.) frame limit normal

GDSX options:
windowed, pixelshader 3.0, native res., all boxes empty.

This game is listed as playable. What is the cause? Thanks.

Btw speed is actually nice 50-120% generally 85%+ of gamespeed. (NTSC)
Would it be better if i use a PAL version instead on an NTSC since PAL Runs at 50 fps and NTSC at 60? so I would get more 100% gamespeed?

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not all games work 100%, and sometimes games are playable for one person and not another. remember that. but on your issue, try different settings, maybe try the playground set. and as to your comment of a pal one, if you don't own it, or furthermore, if you don't own the ntsc one..
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I understand, but you can assume i have ntsc now of course, I ask since i would buy pal game if it would matter.

What settings should i change? maybe other plugins work better with this particuliar game?
playground set: http://forums.pcsx2.net/thread-2731.html (as for pal, not likely)

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