Digital Devil Saga 1 - Black Screen Part 2
I do not see a way to download version 1.6 on Linux.
I tried Nightly 1.7.2901 and left everything on default first to no luck.
I tried to put on the EE Timing Hack, however it would stop responding before I could save the settings.

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oh, sorry. this is linux. i can't really help more, then
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Its all good! I appreciate the effort! Laugh
Just wanna say that this is either an issue with the nightly builds of pcsx2 or its a settings issue. I was getting the crash on the latest nightly build and I was able to proceed on a fresh install of pcsx2 1.6.
(06-06-2022, 02:43 PM)jesalvein Wrote: does it work on 1.6 ? does it work on latest Wx nightly ?

the game is broken in windows on both qt and wx avx2 or sse4 , the only way to finish the game is 1.6 Sad

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