Digital Devil Saga 2 PAL Freeze
Hello, I've got a problem while playing DDS2 on PCSX2. I'm playing the PAL version and the game randomly freeze during cutscenes and ingame too. Sometimes the sound continue, but the screen freeze.

My config

Windows 7 64 bit
AMD Athlon II X2 220 2.80 Ghz
4 Go Ram
NVIDIA GeForce 315

I dont know if the problem is my config ? Is there a way to fix it, like losing graphic quality to speedup or something ?

I use two speedhacks : Enable INTC spin detection ; mVU flag hack.
I tried with the EE timing hack gamefix but that doesnt change anything. Hope you've got the solution, thanks !

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It's a known problem with no solution as far as I know. The NTSC version works with no freezes but the PAL is nasty Wacko
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This is strange that PAL doesnt work while NTSC does :o
How good do you think my pc configuration is for pscx2 ? Are you sure that this is not the problem ?

Anyway thanks for giving an answer so quickly.
Yeah the game is known for these random freezes so I'm quite sure it's not your PC's fault
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Try changing the "FrameratePAL=50.0" line in the pcsx2_vm.ini file to "FrameratePAL=59.94", that combined with "EE timing hack" gamefix should help a bit. And make sure to load not from a save state but your last memcard save when trying setting changes.
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That does no good. I forgot to mention that this game have a selector 50hz/60hz at the beginning (like most PAL games except really old ones). I tried the two possibilities but the problem is the same. Maybe you're right and the PAL version is too buggy :/
The problem occurs only in cutscenes, when everything is configured properly (Gsdx 3068 logarithmic Z=on works fine). I've found out that it can be solved even in cutscenes by switching EmotionEngine to Interpreter. FPS will be about 5 Smile
Used it with memstates to go through a cutscene with freezing effect

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