Digital Devil Saga: Turn off 60 fps Hack for Cutscenes/FMVs ?

I just started playing "SMT: Digital Devil Saga", for everyone who has never heard of it: Its a JRPG made by Atlus. I was glad to find a 60 fps hack online, but with this everything is 2x faster. This is no problem for the game imo (It plays really well with this) but for the FMVs / Cutscenes. Whenever there is a cutscene, audio is faster than the subtitles and audio lines get skipped halfway through, due to the video being faster I guess (The audio is not). In FMVs the subtitles are out of sync (Audio here matches the Video), but if there are dialogs where I have to choose an answer, they will come much earlier than they should. It seems like the speed of the subtitles is what what matters here, if the FMV is over according to the subtitles it just ends, so I dont get to see the whole FMV.

I've read that there were similar hacks for Kingdom Hearts 2, but with the addition of a hack that turns this off for FMVs. Do you guys got any idea how one could take a turn at this?
Would it be possible to do something similar for this game? If so how are these hacks developed?
Or would there maybe be a different approach? I tried the slowmo mode for example. This is not ideal imo, but at least for Cutscenes it worked. But for FMV it does not, as it slows the audio down to a degree where its not pleasant to watch them. Just setting 30fps for cutscenes / FMVs would be great. FMVs would be enough to make it work while using slowmo though.

I also thought about maybe turning on and off cheats while gaming, so that I can manually trigger 60 / 30 fps. But I cant find any option to bind cheats to a hotkey and turn them on/off on the fly. When I do disable cheats in PCSX2, I have to restart the machine in order to really turn them off.

Would be glad for any insight on this topic, as the game plays so much better with the 60fps hack.

Edit: Nevermind, I have found a solution. Since it just runs 2x faster, I just use turbo mode instead of the 60 fps hack (But keep the animation fix) and just turn it off for cutscenes Smile

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