Digital Devil Saga shadows
I know that this is an issue that's been talked about before, but has a fix for the overlapping shadows in Digital Devil Saga come out for the NTSC version? If not, is this even fixable, or are the shadows able to be disabled via some sort of hack?

Also, does Digital Devil Saga 2 suffer this same issue? I would assume so considering that they're essentially the same engine (correct me if I'm wrong), but just wondering.


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isn't it fixed when using software mode ?
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It is, but I would rather not use software mode if possible. I like using PCSX2 due partially to the visual enhancements, which aren't available in software mode.
The shadow issue is a problem with hardware mode on GSDX, there is no way around it other than use software mode or ignore it.
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This occurs in Nocturne and I believe in both DDS's as well. I think they all use the same engine.
The same shadow drawing, yea. GSdx needs Z buffer information downloads in hardware mode to fix it.

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