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Digital Devil Saga weird tearing in upper part of screen
Greetings. I'm using pcsx2 r1888 with newest gsdx plugins. While the game works perfect i get strange tearing during cutscenes. It looks like upper part of the screen lags a bit behind lower part. The line at which it happens is clearly visible. Is this a problem with pcsx2\gdsx or did I just simply not configured plugins correctly.

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your PCSX2 specs are? make a screenshot
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It's a known issue, you can't fix it I'm afraid. Nothing major though.
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Known issue, not much you can do about it really.
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Thanks for fast reply. Oh well it's not that big of a deal.
Actually, that's a voodoo timing issue. "Fixed" in any recent SVN revision.
Tearing? I think you mean the video freezing, tearing has been there forever and is the usual IPU bug iirc...
[Image: newsig.jpg]
Nope, I know what he meant.
There was a timing issue in VIF1 interrupts that made the upper third of the FMV distort in a way that looks like tearing Tongue2
Ah you're right it's fixed Smile Sweet
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I realize this thread was a few months ago..but I'm having the same issue with the same game. I'm running PCSX 9.7 and I'm wondering how or where the new revision is to solve this problem.

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