Direct X Problem
First let me list some details about the system I am running on:
-I am running on a copy of Windows 7 SP1-64 Bit with MSToolKit license (its bootleg)
-I also have my explorer/shell/ couple other files patched for apple custom skin.
As for hardware I have:
-i5 3570K (not OC'ed)
-EVGA Gtx 660
-16gb of ram
My Windows is Updated and it's listed as "GENUINE"

Here's my issue, every time I try to run the emulator, it asks me to update my direct x library, now i checked i have direct x 11. Now that's not even the real problem. The real problem is when the emulator lead me to the main website with microsoft, I can't even download the direct x library. Is there a way for me to manually configure the emulator to recognize my direct x or is there a way to run it without direct x?

P.S. Attached is the screenshot of what I get when I go to Microsoft download site.

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"its bootleg"

Probably your problem right there. Im assuming you don't have a legitimate key for Windows 7, which of so is no different to downloading games, therefore you probably won't receive any support here.
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