Direct X error problem
Ive used your emulator in the past and its run fine but recently ive had to replace the hard drive and now after full reupdateing and redownloading everything it wont run and it keeps telling me that my directx is out of date the force closes its self and after a bit of digging I cant seem to find a solution to the problem....

...And its stating topiss me OFFAngry
any help would be nice

Prosesser: Intel Pentium D
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce 8600GT
OS: Windows 7
Direct X: 11

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Did you redownload February 2010's DirectX too? xD
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Yes i did
Try installing both from the web installer and the redist, sometimes they don't work as they should:

If it's telling you that you need to update it's because it can't find it installed so try again, just to make sure see if you have the files like 'd3dx10_42.dll' in your windows/system32 folder.
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