-Direct3D11 Compatible with PCSX2?-
When I try to change my renderer, I can find Direct3D9 and Direct3D10. However, I can't find Direct3D11.. This leads to to ask if it even IS compatible with PCSX2..

I know I have Direct3D11, because that's what I use for Dolphin GC emulator. And help..?

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It's compatible. Maybe your GPU only supports Direct3D 10?
Yeah, it's there but the banner isn't updated. As far as I know, the PCSX team hasn't implemented any DX11 features, so using DX10 should be fine.
No, I'm positive my GPU supports Direct3D11. I have the latest build, and so forth.. I still can't find it.
What is your GPU?

And are your drivers up to date?
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Only Nvidia GT(S,X) 400 and higher GPUs support Direct3D11. Your GPU (310) does not support it. But these is no big difference anyway, most features can be used with D3D10 as well (same for Dolphin)

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