Direct3D11 not shown / recognized. Need help. :(

I just installed PCSX2 1.0 (r5350) and got a problem:
I can't choose Direct3D11 as Renderer in the graphics configuration.

I got a Geforce GT555M, which is able to use Directx11. I don't understand why it isn't working. Sad
Also using Windows 7 SP1.

So, how can I enable this?

Thanks a lot in advance,

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Do you get DX10 or only DX9? Run this and try again:
[Image: newsig.jpg]
Thanks for the fast reply!
I already installed the DX Runtime, I don't get any updates with it anymore. After that, I restarted my PC and completely reinstalled PCSX2.

And yes, Direct3D9 and 10 are shown. Sad

Edit: I just looked if I really have DX11, so I used dxdiag.exe to see that: Yes, I definitely have DX11 installed and working.
thats because pcsx2 is detecting the capabilities of your Intel IGP and not the nvidia igp.
The updater has some extra optional updates that you don't get with the redist, so you ran this web installer and said you're up to date? Have you installed all updates via windows update?

Weird issue, but don't worry about it for now, DX11 and DX10 modes of GSdx are 100% identical for the time being.
[Image: newsig.jpg]
Oh, I see! Is there a way to change that? I want PCSX2 to use my GT555M, not my HD3000...
/to Squall Nvidia DGP (dedicated graphics processor, lol), not IGP.

/to Draygon Change it in Nvidia Control Panel.

(08-14-2012, 11:37 AM)Livy Wrote: /to Squall Nvidia DGP (dedicated graphics processor, lol), not IGP.

555m is integrated on the mainboard pcb, so its an igp
Okay, I was able to choose my GT555M in the nvidia driver as global graphic card. Now PCSX2 detects Direct3D11.

But if I use Direct3D11, I don't see anything if I boot up a game. Not even the bootscreen (full boot). I hear sound with Direct3D11 and the fps are shown, but the screen is black.

Direct3D9 is working. Direct3D10 is gone.
update the nvidia optimus drivers

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