DirectShow post-processing filter

Would it be possible to feed the frames DirectShow filters for post-processing before the final output. This way you can use any filter designed for other purposes with the games graphic (In XY screen-space) to enhance it or adjust it (the possibilities are endless here). I know that this is not possible right now, but would such thing be impossible to do? I have a couple of filters that I wish I could use them directly for the games final rendered screens.


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That would increase the CPU load even more, Though i suppose those with i5/i7's probably wouldn't have an issue haha. However, if it was used on FMV's that'd be awesome
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(01-03-2012, 03:08 AM)tria Wrote: I know that this is not possible right now

That filter is done in GPU of course, which speeds things up a lot, but still the same basic idea.
FXAA is antialising filter, you can do a whole bunch more with some of DS filter. But ideally I'd like shader support like the one on MPC-HC though since it use GPU.
Yes, it would mean more processing (I don't have problem with this). And, yes, shaders/gpu-specific-filter in general are far better performance wise, and the best way to implement effects . But I am here wishing for DS filter support, as I already have plenty of filters I am willing to experiment with.

Don't get me wrong, I always wished for custom shader support, where you can write them, or have someone else do it. But it just that I know that DS have wide range of filters, and work in the XY screen-space.
using dshow software filters would be a pain to do. you have to download the HD framebuffer to RAM, apply software filter, upload to VRAM again. It's not worth the effort even tho possible. the games would just crawl.

if you want to, you could apply them to the software renderer for pipeline reasons but what you gonna get from that? it won't look better and the performance is already pretty bad without any additional mess.

if you're smart you do the filters on the GPU like fxaa does. nothing else is worth it. sorry.

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