DirectX 10+ Windows XP
ive found on the net one Directx 10 for the windows XP is that true? i can install that directx on my windows xp and play with the plugin for directx 10? anyone already tryed??

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Search the forum, this has been addressed far too many times.
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All of those "patches" or "hacks" have the curious side effect of not working. At all. DX10 relies on some coding exclusive to Vista/Win7. So unless someone totally rewrites WinXP, you won't get to use DX10. Oh wait! They already did and it's called Vista! Tongue

You can download the beta of Win7, however. You get to use it until June of next year. It's a better OS than XP and Vista, so I suggest grabbing it if you've got a decent PC.
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KrazyTrumpeter05 i have about the same pc as yours

PCSX2 is full compatible with win7?? if i download windows 7RC with DX11 have some issues if i play with plugin for DX 10 or 9?

And thx for the Fast reply
Win 7 RC 7100 user here. PSCX2 does work, both in DX9 and DX10 mode.
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for all intent and purposes, DX11 does not yet truely exist, nothing above DX10 is usable, and you can use anything down the line on DX10
WOWOWOW thx alot for the answers downloadin and testing the new windows thx for the reply.
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