DirectX 11 for Linux?
I don't have DirectX 11 option in Lubuntu.

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Hello there - please excuse me, I am mainly on Windows, but do enjoy fiddling with Linux now and then - but so obviously I am not as well-versed in it as many others on here probably are.
Though, as you probably know, DirectX11 is not directly available to Linux, since it's a Microsoft-thing.

I assume that, if you want to use DirectX 11, your option would be to use the Windows version of PCSX2 via Wine, and those extra tools also that can translate DirectX to Vulkan for Linux (is it called something like DXVK?).
However maybe the Linux version of PCSX2 does have all this embedded, and it should work out-of-the-box and I just don't know what I'm talking about; in which case I apologize.

Anybody else feel free to chime in with more/better info

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