DirectX error?
I can't get this thing off the ground. I keep getting two errors. One: It fails to load the zerogs driver and displays this msg in the links below. Two: If I ignore that and continue and attempt to run something it gives me a directx error, which is odd because i'm using vista x64, which already has directx 10 installed on it. Pics are provided:

Please help Ohmy

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Download and run it
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Lmao that worked. Weird cuz i downloaded the web installer from the microsoft site and it didn't want to work. You think based on the specs of my computer I can run games smoothly?
Depends on the games you want to run but it should run decently.
[Image: newsig.jpg]
I got it all working. I'm playing MGS 3 from disc, im getting about 40 fps during some parts in the cut scenes. Should I use images? Think it'll run better?
Also, i seem to be getting this "error" mid play:

VV0 perma-stall, breaking execution. Whats that all about?
ignore it, its nothing important
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