Directing to ISO? (N00b)
Um, ok.
I'm sorry if this has already been covered somewhere else.
So i have an ISO image.
I got it from my own disc.
I have it resident on my computer.
In the "How do i play a game?" in the FAQ it says "Configure the cdvdrom plugin to point to those ISO/discs."
So i go to configure the Plugin, trying all the cdvdrom and the only directory that is listed is D: , which is my disc drive. Some list a (null), but i have no clue what to do. Unsure
So, if someone could help me...
Oh, and i dumped my BIOS too. Happy

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You are supposed to select "Linuz ISO cdvd" as cdvdrom plugin in the "config > configure" options before you can configure it.
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Then configure that to select the .iso?!
Wowo. Now i feel quite dumb.
Thank you very much!!Smile
No problem, I find myself doing the same wrong step over and over as well sometimes xD
Core i5 3570k -- Geforce GTX 670  --  Windows 7 x64
But then i just get to the browser/system configuration screen and the pcsx command promt window just says "iso read block" then appears to boot, but the window doens't run the game. So now i'm confused. Sorry for taking up your time Sad
if you "run CD/DVD" and select the iso, it doesn't run?
Nope! Like I just booted the emulator with no disc/ISO.
what plugins are you using?
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ok, you're using OLD plugins. update GSdx, get the new beta plugins, and change them to newest

gsdx is at like 1640 by now and linuziso is at 0.9.0

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