Directx 10 Question
Why is dx10 slower than dx9 in god of war 2 ? Sad i heard its faster but in my case its slower why?

My pc spesc :
IntelCore2Dueo E 6750 2,66 2,67 Ghz
Nvidia Geforce 8600 gts
2gb ram ddr2

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In rare cases it's the other way around, but generally DX10 is 10-15% faster with fewer graphical glitches. Understand there will always be exceptions to the rules.
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I think its because the images are sharper you can make a test guyz in dx10 on god of war 2 you will receive lower fps i think but the images will be sharper and it will be less graphical bugs...
I also saw a small perfomance hit in DX10 with certain games and setups. The slower frames looked sooo nice though O.O!
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I dont have gow2 but I can attest that dx10 is def faster on some type of games (based on my library of ps2 games) namely mech games.....but is suffering some type of performance hit on alot of game types.
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So dx10 is not faster everywhere but its still less buggy in all the games even if its faster or slower its worth if you have a good pc Smile
There's special cases where D3D10 will be buggier for some games, generally you'd want to use D3D10 and if you have a problem with a game try with D3D9 it may help but may not as well.
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Anyway i think when pcsx2 will use dx11 its will be better than both dx9 and dx10 and i also know that dx11 offers higher fps at the same or better graphics
I'm not exactly sure of that... I don't know what features of DX11 that can actually be useful. The main ones are tesselation, multithreading, and compute shaders. Tesselation I don't think will be helpful since PS2 games weren't designed with it in mind. Compute shaders are just microsoft's standardization of Nvidia's CUDA and ATI's whatever-they-called-it-in-theirs.

Again, I'm not an expert on the subject at all and I'm sure Air or Arcum will probably follow up with a much more technical explaination about how there is a lot of useful features that will improve things and I'll feel silly Wink
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DX11 is going to be pretty darn nice for PC games, to be sure. Hardware tesselation alone should be a lot of fun, but as Koji said, the impact may not be all that big on PCSX2. I imagine DX11 will end up being an overall more efficient environment to work with, but we'll see.
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