Directx 10 for WinXP and Pixel Shader 2.0 Software
First, sorry if this is against the rules or this is the wrong place to put this thread.

There's people who prefer to have WinXP instead of Windows Vista, I don't want to change or have Windows Vista just because it has Directx 10, so, for those who still have it and want an upgrade here's Directx 10 for WinXP:


Note: PCSX2 doesn't detect it, I hope he can fix it, GSdx r1351 that was the latest version that can detect pixel shader 2.0.

You can still use this to run PC games that requiere pixel shader 2.0 these are the games I test it and works great:

- Rockman X7
- Devil May Cry 3

For those who need Pixel Shader 2.0 here's a software that can do the job:


Note: PCSX2 does detect this one.

Here's a little tutorial for this one:

If you think these things are fake, check it in youtube.

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Swiftshader is a commercial licensed product, by linking to a "full version" you have commited theft/piracy. link removed.

As for Directx 10 for XP, this is frowned upona nd doesnt really work. Im giving you a warning for warez as we do not tollerate piracy on here.
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