Directx Problem
i have attatched the message i get when i try to run a game i have the directx 9
help me

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Was it so hard to use the link I give you.
When you use the web installer(small exe file,not the link I give you)I've encounter a problem several times before.Even if you have old directx,the web installer still is saying that you have the newest.

The link contains the full installation.Even if you have the newest directx,using this installator will install it again(not like the web installer)
click "Yes" when that message appears and download and install what it links you to.

If that doesnt work try following the links in the first post of this thread:
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Hi there!
I updated the directx, after it any version of the emulator cannot start any game. But bios runs fine. After showing the Playstation2 logo it hangs.
Any idea what to do?
Deleting inis, reinstall vga, directx is not enough... Sad
Start > Run > Write ( DXDIAG ) ... check your PC graphic card, DirectX and your GPU driver also.

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