I'm about to take a new configuration for PCSX2:

Amd Phenom 965
4890 Vapor-X

But I ask myself three questions:

I lost a lot by using SSE2 instead SSE4?

The resolution depends on the processor or CG (D3D internal resolution)?

Should I take a DirectX 11 GPU or you do not plan to use advanced DX11?

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Currently DX11 mode doesn't hold any advantages over DX10 mode, and it's recommended you stay with DX10. However, in the future they will develop DX11 mode and you *may* get more performance, even if you use a DX10 card (as I'm told).

Resolution depends more on video card, specifically the amount of RAM on the video card I think (to load the textures).
The 4870 1GB will be enough to put in play in 1020 * 1280 * see?

The games I want to see turn are KH1, 2, FFX, FFXII ... Budokai Tenkaichi 3 ...

So you advise me a 5770?. (No 5870).
The main advantages of DX11, in theory, will be to multi-core CPUs since it'll have a more efficient threading model. I'm not sure what differences there are at the hardware/video card level, but those are probably less significant than it being able to utilize more cores of the main cpu.
Jake Stine (Air) - Programmer - PCSX2 Dev Team
So for emulation in general (PCSX2, PCSX, Dolphin) The DX11 will not determine?

I want to buy a GC so that it takes both to emulate for my PC games.

(Since I like to rediscover my old games pushed resolution version, FPS too).

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