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Dirge of Cerberus
Doh and still use Lilypad then?

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use padnull plugin for the controller
No wonder the Emulator hangs lol Tongue
ok its not necessary to use padnull I guess that's broken now where it crashes pcsx2, Use lillypad or another input method (just remove any keyboard or mouse mappings that could conflict) since all the keyboard and mouse input is going through the nuvee plugin you dont want the mappings to conflict, If all your mappings in lilypad just point to a controller then you don't have to change anything.
well I was using Lilypad and the game sometimes doesn't go any further then the splashscreen of Square Enix Smile. Also I've got a slight issue with the game in HW mode DX11. The right side of the screen is sometimes a foggy white. Only Speedhack I'm using is MTVU Hack and Skipdraw 1. No AA or Anisotropic on in Catalyst. I put it now on Native and it still has that issue.

It also does this on Software Smile

This is the issue I mean btw: [Image: b7dj7o.jpg]

Nevermind, the fix from ShadowLady worked aswell for my PAL version hehe.
Taken from my youtube video:
Quote:Known Issues: Videos not showing (fixed in Software mode), some half screen issues and bad effects (seen in start menu). Sky and other bad effects, can be fixed by using a specific GSdx binary found here: . Do NOT use it for other games, it will cause problems
[Image: newsig.jpg]
Yeah I know Bosit Smile I'm using the GSDX 4734m version of ShadowLady that fixes the issue Smile

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