Dirge of Cerberus [NTSC-U] Odd 'ghosting' problem
[Image: xIKhr.png]

Whenever I rotate any model in the model viewer, this happens.

My settings:

[Image: UABW9.png]

Seems to just affect the upper right-hand corner area.


Now, I tried Direct 3D 10 (Software), [Image: TVzkW.png]

and that seems to fix it.

[Image: 8G68q.png]

Although the anti-aliasing, and overall graphics don't look as great (most noticeable in full-screen).



I'm going to assume this is also why the title loads as it does:

[Image: bHyAW.png]

[Image: 8cbn4.png]

Is there a way to use the hardware setting and not have that problem?

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Dirge of Cerberus is currently a bit broken, try with the GSdx I posted in this link, but the hackfix I did for it will work only in a scaling or custom resolution:
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Thanks, Shadow Lady. I'll give it a try. Smile


Wow... I'm amazed! What a difference that has made. Laugh
so, what is the best setting so that when playing Dirge of Cerberus does not have an ugly view?
Thank you.
If you're going to resurrect an old thread, you could at least read it.
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(09-08-2011, 04:27 PM)refraction Wrote: If you're going to resurrect an old thread, you could at least read it.

ee .. sorry .. where the old threads .. instructions please ..
ee .. sorry .. I've tried the advice given by the shadow lady .. was quite successful .. thanks ..

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