Dirge of Cerberus raping my GPU?
Never seen anything like this... Up until now I could play everything except one game at 3x and higher, the one being God Hand which forced me to go 2x for solid 60fps. Then I pop in Dirge of Cerberus. Oh lordy. 100% GPU load under native resolution. Frequent FPS dips from 120 all the way down to 50, to 40, and even 30. The weird part is that I get similar FPS whether I'm playing native or 3x, and when they happen my EE and GS are never at 100% Blink What gives? If anyone has been able to get a rock solid 60fps let me see that setup!

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That game is rough. Try the hacked GSdx for the game.
Dirge of cerberus is one of most demanding games for PS2.
Thanks for the link, it's a great fix for the screwed up sky graphics but FPS behavior remains the same. I guess I need something like a GTX 580 for this one? lol
what FPS are you getting?
It's all over the place, anywhere from 30-120fps, typically though it's around 50fps during a battle, even at native res. I think it's my GPU because the PCSX2 threads aren't being maxed out, but if someone has managed solid 60fps I'd love to know your hardware (or pcsx2 settings!)
I manage the same, on average on a 8600gt. caps of 110, and lows in the 20s
Seems to be working fine here. There have been a few little scenes here and there that are harder on the GPU, but even they stay at 60fps+ with the res a little under 2x scaling. (i.e. one scene goes down to 48fps at 2x, but runs at 100fps+ using native)
(08-18-2011, 09:52 PM)synce Wrote: I think it's my GPU because...

Try getting GPU-Z and check the GPU% sensor to make sure, however yes is a pretty heavy game, EE/VU cycle speedhacks help a bit and try enabling/disabling "8-bit textures" in GSdx.
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