Dirge of Cerberus right analog stick + mouse
my problem is that i want a more responsive mouse for my right analog stick.

i had it at arrow keys for up down right and left before, and i had gotten used to that. i only recently discovered it was possible to use the mouse for the analog stick. so i customized it and whatnot, got the right speed, but i can only move the mouse in the standard 90degree angles for right up down left. if i move it right and down at the same time the scope bugs out and doesnt know where to go and it makes it very difficult to aim.

my question is is it possible to make the scope in FFDC mimic the exact motion of my mouse?

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Looks like the right-down axes setup conflicts with another. Could you take a screencap of the settings?
whats a screen cap? a screen shot? picture of what it currently is?


i dont have a "right + down" or an "up + left" "up + right" "left + down" setting at all. i only have the standard 4 directions bound on the mouse. it doesnt look like theres any more mouse movements at all in lily besides the initial 4.

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