Dirge of Cerberus - slow control response
Hey guys and or gals,

I have been running psx2 for a while and while most of the time I can sort out issues I have recently changed over to xbox controllers..

I recently backedup Dirge of Cerberus and I was able to get it to play by changing settings to skip mpg movies and grabbed the custom video plugin.

I notice as I walk / run the character stops and walks and then runs again etc. feel very wierd to play...

I have checked the xbox input in settings for the controller but still have issues.

So the question:

Is it some setting im missing (the sensativity settings are greyed out)

OR is that how the game plays normally?


Windows 7 x 64
Intel i5 3330 3.0 ghz 6mb
Nvidia GTX 465
Kingmax 4gb

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If you click on an axis binding the sensitivity settings will be enabled for modifying them ( I assume you're talking about xbox360 controllers)
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cheers Smile

I upped the sensitivity on the left analogue stick for up down left right to around +6.
Every other direction seems fine but now it's locked moving forward, I decreased and now all he wants to do is walk.

Im using a touchpad mouse so maybe I clocked something accidently?
I increased it in a decimal level, like 1,36 from 1,30, try smaller increments.
[Image: newsig.jpg]

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