Disable motion sensor?
I have a PS3-type USB controller for use with PCSX2 connected to my laptop. I know that motion control is generally viewed as a positive, but this feature is currently annoying me. In some of (possibly all, but it's only really been an issue in a few) my games, the motion control gives feedback in the menu screens (e.g. GTA: San Andreas). If the controller detects any motion feedback (which is inevitable, especially because I have Parkinson's), it will switch from one menu selection to another (e.g. map, stats, audio, etc.). I haven't noticed this to be an issue during actual gameplay, but that might be because I am actively controlling the player-character with the analog stick.

Is there any way to disable the motion control feature in the settings of either the controller or the program? This isn't per se ruining the gaming experience for me, but it is eternally frustrating. I have tried a cursory search, but the only results that I get refer to disabling the blur feature in car racing games.

Thanks in advance!

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