Disable visual effects?
Is there any way to disable visual effects? I'm running FFX at the moment and the only time I really get much slowdown is whenever a visual effect (such as the distortion from the spell Fire) comes into play.

Stuff like Thunder work fine, but battle transitions and anything else that actually distorts the screen cause issues, I'm wondering if there's a known method of disabling stuff like that?

After a thorough googling, I couldn't find anything so I decided just to ask.

Thanks for any help that can be given ^_^.

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Well I think you probably could but you may need to use more technical hacks or recode something, which tbh will probably make it crash.
Sorry, there's no known method to disable specific graphic features in PS2 games.
You can try to lower the D3D internal res or use native res though. Also try 8 bit textures on/off.
I figured that'd be the case, I thought that those effects might be added after rendering the frame though, since it seems to effect the GUI too. Ah well. I've tried all the inbuilt speedhacks, and 8bit textures works better off it seems. It's far from unplayable, was just wondering if such a hack existed.
*random question*

Does FFX come with debug and label info in the elf file? Some games can be easily disassembled using that info to hackpatchcheatfix that ingame by cheathaxoring a save return from the painting function instantly after calling.

well. coders may know what i mean. Wink
There is a debugging flag to disable the attack animations. The code is posted here:

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