Disabling light effects.
Hi I'm new here, in fact I registered just to ask this question because I really need some help with this.

I'm currently trying to play Manhunt with PCSX2 0.9.8, the game runs almost perfectly but there is one problem that makes the game practically unplayable about half the time.

The problem is with the lighting effects (I think they're called that) in the game, whenever lights are shown on the screen the game slows to a crawl but then speeds back up as soon as they're not shown. This combined with the problem of the lights showing through walls and other objects makes playing the game impossible.

I've tried all kinds of different settings in the GSdx configuration, to no avail. I've also tried skipdraw, and while it managed to get rid of the lights for the most part, the game still slowed down when the camera was pointed where the lights originally were.

Does anybody know any solution to this? Is there to have it not render the lights at all?

I appreciate any help, thank you.

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tried softwre mode?
tried latest svn ?
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I have tried software mode, it had no change.
What is svn?
Goto PCSX2 SVN and download the latest one.

What is SVN?

Google it :- What is SVN?
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Ok, tried latest SVN. The light effects appeared more pixelated but the original problem still remained.

Does anyone have any other ideas?
Have you tried the Alpha Hack?
[Image: recodersignature2.png]
Yes I have, no change to the lights.
Tried Allow 8-bit textures?
Tried different filtering?
Tried Direct3D9 renderers...?

Maybe try an older GSdx.
I'll suggest GSdx 0.1.14.

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