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Disabling texture filtering in software mode
I understand that software mode is supposed to be all about accuracy (which is why it looks so damn perfect compared to hardware mode Laugh), but one thing that bugs me about it is the fact that you can't disable texture filtering while using it. I find the texture filtering, combined with the relatively low native resolution, makes for a rather blurry looking mess. I understand that the native resolution can't be changed because it would require an insane amount of processing power, but why not texture filtering?
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^the motherboard in this box has been swapped for an ASUS P5B Laugh

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Well it uses different code(hw mode works on shader), alot of stuff in software renderer code actually is commented as "TO DO", so umm could be just forgotten after everyone was happy with result.;o

KrossX actually made a patch for that ages ago(relatively speaking;p) somewhere around here, it's all about changing 1 line in the code on current builds, so only his first patch is needed really, but there's always a "but" or it wouldn't be [email protected][email protected] anyway his patch will relocate some stuff ~ post processing effects only? ~ not sure about that;p anyway things which usually cause "ghosting" in HW will get broken by this in SW in very similar way;]. So feel free to use one of those builds hoping it'll work flawlessly on your game, but before anyone get's an idea to add it to svn I would recommend working a bit more on it.

So pretty much it needs somebody that actually finds enough will and need for such feature to get through all of that code and change it properly;p.(not me:x)
So it is actually possible then. Laugh I think it would be cool to eventually see in a "mainstream" build, because in a way disabling texture filtering in software mode might actually make certain things look better.
[Image: qzt04w.png]
^the motherboard in this box has been swapped for an ASUS P5B Laugh

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