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Disc swapping for monster rancher 3

So I'm new to this forum and I'm not sure if this has been recently answered or not, but I am having issues trying to revive monsters from an ISO. When I'm playing Monster Rancher 3, I cant select another ISO like I can with Monster Rancher 2. 

I tried using a plug-in, and just switching ISO from the ISO selector and pressing resume, nothing works.

Is there a fix for this, or is this not something that the PCSX2 can do? I am running 1.4.0 and I've tried a couple of different methods. It either freezes the game or only recognizes the Monster Rancher 3 disc.


Edit: the Monster Rancher 2 swap wasn't on the ps2 emulator, it was on 1.6.0 ePSXe emulator. It was easy to swap ISO on that one, but this one is being difficult.

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IIRC, you can't do so on pcsx2 for now.
You'll have to keep playing it on your PS2 until we fix it.
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(03-24-2017, 07:46 AM)jesalvein Wrote: IIRC, you can't do so on pcsx2 for now.
You'll have to keep playing it on your PS2 until we fix it.

Okay thank you! My disc drive is stuck in my PS2 so I cant use it anymore :/ I heard there is some way to use PS1 games somehow? Every forum post ive read doesnt actually say how to do it though.
Just a heads up, disc swapping seems to work in Monster Rancher 3/4 as long as the disc you are using isn't a PS2 game. I was able to get a rare monster off my Jet Grind Radio DC disc in Monster Rancher 4.

Just thought I should update this for the next brave souls who search "PCSX2 Monster Rancher 4 disc swap".

Sorry for the necro post.
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