Disgaea 1 aspect ratio problems
Good day,

maybe i'm blind or stupid, but i've started Disgaea 1 recently and it looked ... wrong. The aspect ratio looked not right. It looks stretched all the way!

[Image: unbenanntpq.th.png]

Am I seeing it wrong? Or is the Aspect Ratio incorrect? I didn't find any option for keeping the aspect ratio =/ Thanks in advance!

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depents on what you mean by wrong aspect ratio the game is made for 4:3 format kep that in mind.
also that screen looks good to me Smile
There are Aspect Ratio settings in GSdx or you can press F6 to switch the aspect ratio.You're using Stretch for Aspect Ratio now.
That looks to me like the usual aspect ratio error in the PAL versions of Disgaea games (both 1 and 2 end up being stretched vertically by about 20%). It's always kind of bugged me, being the obsessive and avid Disgaea collector that I am, but it's also just not been on my list of priorities so I've never looked into what causes it.

(It could be most PAL games are improperly ratio'd by GSdx -- I've not looked at enough to know yet, and I knew I was going to make aspect ratios a function of PCSX2 in 0.9.7 so I put it off until that's done)
Jake Stine (Air) - Programmer - PCSX2 Dev Team
Thanks air, it kinda solves my problem. I've just made a copy of my ntsc version of the game and see, it looks perfectly normal. I've made another picture to show it:

[Image: unbenanntvd.th.png]
what solves I compared em and they seem very normal to me. BOTH!
the difference is normal between PAL and NTSC
I live in a pal region and it pissed me off enough already XD
but some times something good comes from it check the differences between pal and ntsc in FF X
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