Disgaea 1 : no voices during cutscenes and invisible geo panels
Hello there,

I've been playing Disgaea Hour of Darkness on PCSX2 0.9.6 for about a week now. Everything was running great until two problems started happening tonight. As the titles say, I don't hear any character voices anymore during cutscenes and geo panels do not appear anymore during fights. The rest of the game seems to be running perfectly.

The bugs started appearing without any settings changes, I use GSDx SSE3 0.1.14 and SPU2-X 1.1.0. I also had speed hack x3 turned on -- I turned it off just in case but it did not fix the bugs.

Any idea what could be causing these problems?

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You should use 0.9.7 beta, it will work way better there: http://pcsx2.net/downloads.php?p=publicbeta
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Furthermore, missing geo-panels sounds like a speedhacks problem -- when the EE cyclerate or VU Cycle staling speedhacks are enabled, the chance of geopanels disappearing increases -- set them very high and geo-panels will vanish.

I've never had problems with voices disappearing tho.
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