Disgaea 1 report

So Disgaea was one of the few games of a playable quality to run on my pcsx2. Besides a few graphical 'special move' bugs as it went on, it's fine.

Except suddenly I had a 'Zommie' invasion. After doing an item world, I came back to find my Maderas had turned into 327lvl Zommie and Zommie had gone missing from his usual place. I figured I had done some special trick and was glad. But then during a battle my Gordon turned into another Zommie, so now I had 2! Then a 3rd instead of a Frost Mage. Is he spreading the curse? lol.

Anyway, now I can't start the next level 'Main Corridor III'. I can start other levels, but with this one I end up with a looped loading screen and have not been able to pass it.

A very weird bug. Anyone know a work-around?


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Maybe try disabling speed hacks if you have them on.
I finished this game with no problems on PCSX2.

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