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Hey everyone. I keep getting an error of my display driver has stopped working and recovered. I thought I fixed it a while back, but forgot exactly what I did for the fix. I am using the latest SVN build right now, haven't tried the latest stable release. Any help would be awesome. Running a radeon 6950 just FYI.

I'm sure there is probably the same issue somewhere else, but from what I have searched, the only 2 topics that might have that issue have about 250 pages...Blink

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What game? PCSX2 settings? Plugin settings?

Try updating your card drivers or using older ones, also if you have any overclocking try setting the card to stock clocks or even underclocking a bit. Unfortunately being a display driver problem it's not really easy to identify.
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Try Updating/Disabling the Catalyst Driver.
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How to disable Catalyst driver?
Well, Either remove it from StartUp Services or don't install the Catalyst Control Center. It sometimes causes bugs. I removed my control center for ATI Radeon HD 4650, and installed Driver from Windows Update. Now PCSX2 works fine and Photoshops OpenGL error(Photoshop couldn't detect OpenGL 2.0 and up when Catalyst Driver was installed) is also resolved.
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Try to update directx or if that gpu overclock then set to default clock.
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