Display all of your posts in certain thread?
Is that possible?

I don't need to search for something now but there were times I wanted to find some post made by me in a specific thread and the only way I know is:
1.The normal search method but that displays all posts in any thread,you can limit it to subforum but not to a thread
2.Use the search field in the thread but the problem is,you can't limit it to your posts only(unless there is some way I don't know about...typing the user name only displays posts that quoted you,not your posts)and you must know what you write there

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you can go to your CP and click on show posts or show threads, it's chronological so if you know the approx. date/time you can see them there.
Yes I know that but for example doing that,it shows 347 pages of my posts and as I said,the only info I have is that the post I am are looking for is in a certain thread

Lets say for example I want to find this post but I only know that it is in that thread.
If I use "Find All Posts",I have to go through 337 pages to find it.

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