Display driver crashing with PCSX2
Hey guys, I tried to find a solution or topic about this issue that's happening to me but no clue at all.

Lets see, this happens with any game, at any minute or time. Its way too variable, it can happen after 5 minutes, or after changing screens or loading something. The games I tried work pretty much perfect speed-wise and graphic-wise too.

The thing is that randomly, PCSX2 crashes my display driver, and it restarts working again. Anyone has any clue of this?

My specs are just the common stuff:
-Phenom II x6 1055T, OC'ed to 3.3ghz
-XFX Radeon HD5750 1GB GDDR5 with latest drivers (The problem still happens, It started with past driver version).

I dont have any heat problems and I doubt that that kind of stuff would crash my vga drivers Tongue

Also, my config is just the common GSDX (SSE2 of course) and DX11, I havent tried DX9 but I'll do it in a while and see if it still crashes.
[Image: 6jj70x.png]

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From which driver version it started? I use Catalyst 11.6 in win7 x64 currently(and 11.4 previously) without problems.
hey miseru99 upgrade to 11.7
like i tell everyone

Drivers don't cause TDR's

bad hardware setups cause TDR's.

though since this is AMD, the driver could be just a pile of crap and causing a TDR, like most other AMD drivers in the last 3 years.
(08-10-2011, 12:57 AM)Squall Leonhart Wrote: like i tell everyone

Drivers don't cause TDR's

bad hardware setups cause TDR's.

though since this is AMD, the driver could be just a pile of crap and causing a TDR, like most other AMD drivers in the last 3 years.

i have HD 5670 using 11.7 haven't got a PCSX2 driver related issue
what about stop spamming companies and start sharing experiences and proofs
After looking a bit about new drivers I'm actually thinking about testing 11.8 preview for that 30% MLAA speedup;P.
I wouldn't really consider new AMD drivers crappy like Squall does(always) through, sure some past driver versions were crappy and even were leading to crashes(especially in some popular Bioware games >.>), but then again the fixes were fast, support works more than ok, and had like no true problem with any Catalyst as of yet.

Seriously Squall you could use your knowledge better at timesTongue, write down what exactly does lead to TDR instead of saying "having AMD GPU/CPU does" as that's a general fail, obviously every hardware setup works different, soo if you are saying AMD drivers suck while there are millions of people around which had no problem like yours, then maybe the user - you - were at fault when you were building your own "bad hardware setup" which lead to you having problems with them;]. And NVidia doesn't really deserve any glory, their drivers weren't always soo great either, probably aren't even now, but to differ from you I'll not speak about stuff I don't have as my integrated NVidia is pretty much unused for me to have any recent info or "driver problem".;] And if that's the case - stop being a fanboyTongue we all love Nvidia for throwing our Voodoo's to the basement, for decreasing price and all that stuff, but times changed. You probably remember pre-GeForce era which was filled with 3Dfx paid people saying Voodoo 2/3 > TNT1/2 which was true only on paper;]. Seriously from Voodoo 1 till current HD5000 series, all my GPU's were Nvidia ones and I can't really say I was always happy from having it nor from quality of it's drivers(seriously for many games I had often I needed to reinstall driver to some exact version to make it work for game X, then change it back for game Y as newer nvidia drivers often were breaking the compatibility for older games).
Tongue im not joking about the Catalyst crappiness.

but TDR's yeah, usually not the driver. as much as idiots at nv forums go on about
sober diagnosis

Is the GPU OCed by default or done self? what you using for temp reading? is it reliable? there're programs with false readings. what's the load when it crashes? are there any conflicts with other programs using the device? context switching between non exclusive programs could cause the driver go nuts and crash.

regular solution would be to switch off aero and any other graphics "heavy" desktop extension. and try runnign pcsx2 exclusive fullscreen. even tho it's known that it doesn't really work anymore. :\

@squall I just wanna shake my head. that comment was totally messed up. you say it's the hardware and still bugging AMD for their drivers. seriously. wtf. ;]
Squall is well known for his hate all things AMD but despite that fact he's still pretty knowledgeable. First thing I would do is some temp readings on the card though. After that if still no dice I'd try a clean install of the drivers as a messed up driver install can cause many issues.
no, ATI.

AMD just bought them......

but im not impressed by AMD's cpu division of late, and its rebranded Radeon memory lol.

TDR's can be caused by everything in the system thats not directly related to the gpu so.... checking everything is the way to go.

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